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At Firewood King - Tulsa firewood delivery, we show you how to stack firewood safely and effectively.

Stacking wood is a simple process but there are a few things you should know to make the process easier and to maintain better quality firewood.

The first step when stacking firewood is to choose a good location. If your firewood is green it's usually best to stack it outdoors where it will get as much directsun as possible. If you stack it in a shed, under a tree or against the north side of a building or any shady spot it will not dry very fast.

If it's dry the best place to stack it is in a shed, lean to, covered patio or any place where it will be under cover so it will stay dry. Preferably, in a place where it is well ventilated so any moisture that gets in the wood can easily escape.

When you stack your wood keep it away from direct soil contact. Wood will absorb moisture from the soil and can start to mold, the dirt will stick to it and you will just have a mess. If you are stacking it directly on the ground put something on the ground first to stack the wood on, even if it's just a tarp.

Two stickers such as 2x4 lumber or something similar makes a good foundation to stack your wood on. Lay them parallel to each other at a distance apart the same length as your pieces of firewood. When you stack the wood on the stickers it will hold them of the ground and allow air to circulate underneath. Better yet use a firewood rack.

Stack the pieces and fit them together as tightly as you can to make a stable stack. Pay attention to make sure your stack is vertical and not leaning. If anything lean it slightly away from the sun because the sunny side will dry faster and start to lean toward the sun.

If you have a rack or some stakes to stack the ends against this will help you make nice vertical ends and also help stabilize the stack. If not you can use flat edged pieces on the ends and criss cross them like a log cabin to make the ends vertical.

Keep your stacks no higher than 4 feet high or they can become unstable and fall over. Keep a few inches of space between the stack and any surface like a wall. Also between stacks. This will provide better air circulation.

Stacking firewood is simple and following these tips should give you better results.

When you need Tulsa firewood delivery, we can deliver it and stack it for you.