What is a rick of firewood?

What is a rick of firewood?

  Do you sell firewood by the cord?

Are a rick and a face cord the same?

What is a rick of firewood?

A "rick" of firewood is a regional unit of measurement (4'x8').  It also refers to a style of stacking (crisscrossed ends).  The crisscrossed ends can be referred to as "ricked" or "ricked up". The wood is stacked in a row 4' tall and 8' long.  The thickness or depth of a rick of wood depends on how long the pieces are cut.  We cut our wood 14"-18" on average.  A rick of wood will fit into an 8' long pickup truck bed.  If stacked neatly and above the bed rails a rick can also fit inside a 6' pickup truck bed.  We recommend purchasing at least 2 ricks of wood to start the season.

 Rick of firewood

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What is a cord of wood?

A cord of firewood is 4' tall x 8' long x 4' deep (128 cu ft).  We do not sell firewood by the cord.  We sell it by the rick.  Why don't you sell it by the cord?  It's an Oklahoma tradition to sell it by the rick. If you need a cord, consider ordering 3 ricks of firewood.   3 ricks should equal more than a cord (128 cu ft).  Are you looking to buy a cord or 3 ricks of firewood?  A cord or 3 ricks of firewood will not fit into an 8' pickup truck long bed.  Not to worry, we are a firewood delivery service with a large delivery truck that will hold 13 ricks or 4 cords of wood per load.  No order too big, Firewood King has you covered.

 Order 3 ricks instead of a cord..

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What is a face cord?

A face cord of wood is 4' tall x 8' long x 16" deep.  Are a face cord and a rick the same thing?  For all intense and purposes, a Firewood King rick of wood and a face cord are basically the same thing.  With Firewood King some of your pieces may be 18" long and some may be 14" long.  It averages out and they should be pretty darn close.   A face cord of wood will fit inside an 8' long pickup truck bed.  If stacked neatly above the bed rails, a face cord will fit in a 6' pickup truck short bed.  Not all ricks are created equal.  Make sure to order from Firewood King.  We are a local firewood delivery service in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We have firewood for sale, with a large delivery truck ready to deliver.


 Firewood King Rick = Face Cord

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